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Autumn results


Dear visitors! I haven’t told you about our achievements for a long time, so I think it’s time to report on the success of the fall events. Hokuspokus vom Alten Friedrich “Ferdinand” ‘s first fall event was the Jakabszállás CAC show on September 22nd, where he earned E1 CAC.              […]

FeHoVa Winterdogshow CACIB 2019.


The first event of this year we took part in was last week’s FeHoVa Winterdogshow CACIB exhibition. We did not regret taking part in it, because we managed to do well, we also managed to gain new experiences, which is as important as the result itself. Ferdinand achieved Exc. 1. CAC and Saci Exc. 2. […]

Hunting with dachshund II.


    On this page I would like to tell you some information about “hunting with dachshund”. Dackel is a very versatile dog, they are so brave, determined and clever. They are suitable for oppressive hunting for wildboar, for fox or badger, for water work, and also for blood track work. I recommend the dachshund to […]

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