Rekettyési-Rettenetes szálkásszőrű tacskó kennel

Hunting with Dachshund

    On this page I would like to tell you some information about “hunting with dachshund”. Dackel is a very versatile dog, they are so brave, determined and clever. They are suitable for oppressive hunting for wildboar, for fox or badger, for water work, and also for blood track work. I recommend the dachshund to all hunters, I encourage them to bring up an own hunter dog, because every hunter needs a faithful and helpful mate, and hunting is more amusing with them.


“Saci” at work

    Work with wildboar:

I think everybody likes hunting on wildboar. It is one of the most exciting hunting mode. In order for the hunt to be effective, it is essential to use a large number of dogs with excellent working ability. Terriers and dachshunds are the most suitable for this job. The good wildboar-dog is hard-working, bold (but not reckless), barks, rotates and stops the wildboar, until the hunters can make a shoot on it.
I start training my dogs at an early age. I usually train them in wild boar parks and sometimes we take part in a battue too.


    Blood track:

The nice shot is pride, but every hunter can make mistakes, and it can happen that the animal does not die in the shot. The hunter is responsible for the animal and is therefore obliged to seek it and redeem it from his suffering. Our four-legged hunter can help us with its skills. The most important thing is: only work with a well-trained dog. Acquiring a confident search ability is a long process. It takes a lot of time, energy and patience. It is worth to start teaching our dog at an early age. If the couple of 10 meters of fresh print come to hundreds of meters, one or more days old, you should try the first real trace. 

To be continued…..