Rekettyési-Rettenetes szálkásszőrű tacskó kennel

About me

    Welcome to my page, I’m Peter Pamuki. We have always had dachshunds and we love them as a pet and as a family member, too. My other important passion is hunting, my uncle showed me this lifestyle, so I passed the hunting exam in February of 2017.

    I got my first own wirehaired dachshund in summer of 2015. I asked many friends and hunters about where can I find a one with good bloodline. Finally, I found Zoltán Szabó’s kennel. Zoltán was very helpful with me, and it was a good choice, because „Saci” has become a brilliant and versatile dog, with very good hunting skills. After a little time, I decided to be a breeder. It is hard to start as a young beginner, so many thanks to all my friends, every breeders and hunters, who helped me anyway.

    My prupose to breed beautiful, good-conditioned and healthy dogs with good working abilities. My opinion is that dachshunds must work, it is the most important thing. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t care my dogs’ appearance. The other important aspect is socialization. I regulary care with my dogs with different ways of play. These can help them to keep contact with other dogs and people.

    The dachshund is a really good pet for families, it is very active, funny and attractive. With a good nervous system they can socializing easily, so i recommend them to families with young children and to old people, too. Many families bought puppies from me and I’m so happy to see that they are satisfied dog owners.

    I should write some words about hunting, because primarily I breed hunter dogs. I try to use my dogs’ hunting skills, because they are very good partners on huntings. The dachshund is a really versatile hunter dog, that I experienced many times. The dachshund is courageous, committed and careless, so its a good choice to wild boar work, underground work, water-work and blood-track, too. I try to train my each dogs in menioned works and take work trials with them. So i recommend my dogs for hunters and I encourage everybody to bring up an own hunterdog, because hunting is more amusing with them.