Rekettyési-Rettenetes szálkásszőrű tacskó kennel


The B-team is 30 days old


In these days the B-litter became 30 days old. Their all-day activities are eating, sleeping, wrestling and tearing each other’s ears. Here you can read more about them 

At the weekend we were on the Agárd CAC


On 09. June 2018 we participated on the Agárd CAC. HOKUSPOKUS vom alten Friedrich “FERDINAND”  was excellent, in junior class he won Hungaria Prima Junior, Best of Opposite Sex, and Junior Best of Breed. Many thanks to Fanni Tóth for the professional handling!

About dachshunds


DACHSHUND TRANSLATION : Mr. Paschoud and his collaborators, updated by Mrs.C.Seidler. ORIGIN : Germany. DATE OF PUBLICATION OF THE OFFICIAL VALID STANDARD : 13.03.2001. UTILIZATION : Hunting dog above and below ground. FCI-CLASSIFICATION : Group 4 Dachshunds. With working trial. BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY : The Dachshund, also called Dackel or Teckel, has been known since […]

B-litter after 18 days



Our B-litter has arrived!!!


Our second litter has arrived on 17.05.2018. The puppies and their mother are also feel good. Both of them have dark wild boar color, one of them is bitch, and four of them are males. You can read more of the parents under the “litters” article.