Rekettyési-Rettenetes szálkásszőrű tacskó kennel


Hokuspokus vom alten Friedrich – FERDINAND



Göröci Ugrasztó Vackor – SACI


14. JUNI 2019.

After long planning, we found that we make a litter with the following pairing. Ferdinand’s results speak for themselves. In 2018 we took part in several exhibitions, where he performed above the expectations, and also performed well in the Nógrád work trials. “Saci” has already proven to be an excellent hunting dog with a very good looking, proved by her successful work trials. We are expecting dark wildboar and black and tan puppies.

In our kennel, puppies are brought to their new owners with vaccines (that are appropriate for their age), with a medical book, an FCI pedigree, a passport, a contract, an invoice, and a pack of Happy Dog products.


3 weeks: